Doha Learning Week

WISE Hackathon

The WISE Hackathon is a two-day problem-solving workshop with the objective of co-creating inspiring and unique solutions leveraging innovation, technology and multidisciplinary problem solving to respond to the refugee education crisis. Interdisciplinary teams of hand-selected participants comprised of Learners’ Voice Program fellows and members from the local community will work together in the fields of communication, science, education, culture, and data in the workshop to deliver ideas and prototypes addressing the challenge.

The hackathon will be held during the week of 2017 WISE Summit from November 13-14. The objective of the hackathon is to gather a variety of expertise to hack early childhood education challenges facing refugee communities on the ground. The findings from the hackathon will be presented to a panel of experts at 2017 WISE and best ideas will have the opportunity to be piloted and implemented by the challenge partner.

Challenge Partner: Little Ripples

Little Ripples

The challenge brief for the hackathon will be set by iACT’s refugee-led early childhood development program, Little Ripples. Little Ripples (LR) provides a cost-effective and replicable early childhood development program that empowers refugee women to implement culturally inspired, play-based education in order to support the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of refugee children. Little Ripples operates in refugee camp Goz Amer, eastern Chad, one of twelve refugee camps hosting over 360,000 refugees from Darfur, Sudan. Little Ripples, is currently operating in eastern Chad, where more than 360,000 refugees from Darfur, Sudan, have been living since 2014. This is considered a protracted refugee crisis for which the local government and aid agencies are initiating long-term integration strategies. In the coming year, iACT will be taking Little Ripples to at least two unique global contexts that are considered emergency and transient, where the population is on the move.

Little Ripples is the recipient of the 2016 WISE Awards that recognizes six innovative education projects globally.