The WISE Awards

StoryWeaver from Pratham Books

Activity: StoryWeaver harnesses the power of technology & open licensing to address the global scarcity of books for children in mother tongue languages. By massively scaling the creation & distribution of content, it provides joyful reading materials to children.

Name of the Organization: Pratham Books

Headquarter: Bengaluru, India

Geographical reach: Global

Number of beneficiaries: A total readership of over 2.5 million, StoryWeaver is used by a global community of over 550,000 users that include Ministries of Education, literacy focused organizations, educators, language groups, and education technology applications.

Project Representative: Ms Suzanne Singh


Children Discovering the Magic of Stories – StoryWeaver is a responsive platform and accessible across devices, including tablets

About the Project

StoryWeaver is an innovative online reading repository which harnesses the power of technology, open licensing and collaboration to address the global scarcity of books for children in mother tongue languages. StoryWeaver also allows for content to be translated and versioned for localized needs.

Context and Issue

StoryWeaver by Pratham Books is an innovative publishing model created to address the inequity that exists globally—not enough children’s books in not enough languages, with issues of poor access and affordability. It combines the power of technology and collaboration to break down the barriers that limit access to the most valuable thing we have to give to our children, knowledge. By providing open access to a large repository of storybooks in open formats, and embedding tools that allow the content to be translated and versioned for localized needs, StoryWeaver has transformed the publishing landscape.

The Solution and Impact

StoryWeaver is a responsive platform that can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The combination of open licensing and open formats lends itself to multiple delivery models - the books can read online or offline, shared, downloaded, projected, or printed and used by educators, parents, literacy organizations, or governments and enjoyed by children.

The platform has grown from 800 stories in 24 languages to over 7500 stories in 109 languages in 2 years. The books have been read over 2.5 million times (online & offline), downloaded over 200,000 times by a user base of 580,000 from 223 countries.

Future Developments

StoryWeaver’s vision is to be the largest open repository of reading resources for children in mother tongue languages. In the coming months, the project will build new tools for collaborative authoring and sharing. Ministries of Education and educators will be provided with more curriculum linked resources and curated reading lists. Creators will be given a large canvas to share their talent. StoryWeaver will also provide newer forms of content by developing audio, audio-visual, and mobile phone friendly formats.

StoryWeaver strives to provide an endless library of reading resources for children to learn and practice reading, and thereby, weave a brighter future for them.