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Find out several alternative paths to education that are shaping the lives of students worldwide.

Roads Less Traveled: Alternative Approaches to Education

The world is changing fast. Yet around the globe, education systems largely still adhere to the century-old, industrial-age factory model. In the face of fake news, mass migration, rising inequality and digital disruption, vital skills such as media literacy, empathy, collaboration and creativity remain largely absent from school curriculums.

Fortunately, bold innovators are challenging the status quo, designing alternative models of education and fostering skills that are often overlooked, offering learners paths that were never available to them before. They are creating new norms; moving innovation from the margins to the mainstream. This summer break, we feature several of the alternative paths to education that are shaping the lives of students worldwide.

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Cristina's picture
Hi. Would be interested to see more on employer-led approaches to education and training to bridge the transition from school to work.
reply - Aug 16, 2018
Sharon Gray's picture
Sharon Gray
Hi, where and when is the conference please?
reply - Aug 16, 2018
Ebele Elui's picture
Ebele Elui
I will love to have experiences on these innovations and how to apply them in the classroom
reply - Aug 15, 2018
Philipa 's picture
I'll like to learn and share some experiences.
reply - Aug 15, 2018
Marta Vernet 's picture
Marta Vernet
Really interesting topic. My expertise is Service Learning. I would love to share some best practices of this approach.
reply - Aug 15, 2018
Mustafa 's picture
Some topics presented here are not new at all! I have a lot to share on the topic. Could anyone from the organization get in touch with me?
reply - Aug 15, 2018