WISE Accelerator


Activity: Providing career counselling through an online platform using artificial intelligence and data science.

Name of the Organization: Pixis

Headquarter: Paris, France

Geographical reach: France

Number of beneficiaries: 7,000

Project Representative: Mr. Borna Scognamiglio

Websites: https://www.pixis.co/

WISE Accelerator Project: Pixis

About the Project

Pixis is an online platform that aims to become the college counselor of the future through the use of artificial intelligence and data science, with the goal of transforming career guidance. Pixis helps students find their role in the 21st century and is aimed to create a framework inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to tackle new challenges in the world of work and to look for meaningful degrees and jobs.

Context and Issue

High-quality and accessible information and education remain a challenge for all countries around the world.

There is today a deep social inequality impacting education and the employment system. One of the first causes of college dropout is the lack of or inadequate information on college and career opportunities.

This is even more pronounced when one considers 21st century jobs, where education is the key to foster inclusive growth and give everyone a fair opportunity to succeed.

It is very important to provide the younger generations with the most appropriate tools to become a change maker and to play a key role in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Solution and Impact

To address these challenges, Pixis offers students an immersive and customized guidance experience through innovative digital tools. The first one is an interactive search engine based on data visualization which allows students to find information on more than 800 jobs and possible career paths. Also, Pixis offers qualified MOOCs and media resources with information on jobs and how their curriculum will look like for a given career. Finally, users are offered an online coaching by a bot that suggests a career and education paths with infographics and links.

Pixis aims to leverage the achievement of higher university degrees by thousands of young students.

Future Developments

Main future developments include the establishment of partnerships with leading universities and companies, as well as a scaling strategy to go global.