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WISE announces new Learners’ Voice cohort for 2017-2018

WISE announces new Learners’ Voice cohort for 2017-2018

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The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has announced a new cohort of outstanding young people to participate in the 2017-2018 Learners’ Voice program.

25 young education advocates from 22 countries, with diverse backgrounds and disciplines, have been selected to join the international Learners’ Voice community.  

The new cohort will engage in dialogue on pressing education issues including practical, action-oriented approaches to the crisis of global forced migration and displacement.

The WISE Learners’ Voice program brings the voice of young people to the challenge of rethinking education, and equips them to take on leading roles in their fields and in the world of education.The program focuses on building their knowledge of education, as well as their communication, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

About Learners' Voice

The Learners’ Voice Program was established in 2010 to engage the views and creative energies of young people in addressing pressing global education issues and challenges.  The current Learners’ Voice community comprises over 175 Learners from over 60 countries. They represent diverse backgrounds and disciplines but all share a passion for education. Together they represent a unique perspective within the WISE community.


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