Tons of Education

Project Representative
eugeni castejon
Creation Date: 2018
Headquarters: Barcelona (Catalonia)
Geographical Reach: global
Nature and number of beneficiaries: all schools arround the world.

Tons of Education

About the Project

The project is designed for roll-out in partnership with a large company such as yours, capable of offering schools across the globe something that’s big, global... but above all, educational.

It’s a resource that can be used to cultivate multiple intelligences. To explain math, science, circular economics and nature to children in an interactive, simple and entertaining way... while directly practicing sustainability.

This is what the project is all about. It’s based on a simple hybrid system that combines composting, and horticulture.

My new company, BCN-BOX, has developed the product that has the same name. It comes with a range of related services based on our knowledge of what schools need. And it’s customizable as you see fit, according to how you want to interact with your stakeholders.

We are now in a position to launch our project – the only one of its kind in the world. A project that can generate a variety of positive impacts, and based entirely on education. A dream come true...

I’m convinced your company is one of the few with the mindset and operational readiness to turn this project into an environmental revolution - whether on a small or large scale - and change the daily habits of millions of people.
And that will enable you to build a connection with schools across the globe. 

Context and Issue

Climate change and the loss of biodiversity are
key challenges we face as a species. Saving the environment is no longer an option, but a necessity. It’s not enough to pollute less. We have to start cleaning up our planet.
We’re moving from the era of the 3 ‘R’s – reduce, recycle and reuse – to the era of the circular economy. Collective and individual daily habits that have a posi- tive environmental impact are on the rise. And this is just the beginning.
Tons of Education is a simple, ambitious project that aims to bring about improvements worldwide by generating changes in people’s daily behavior. The most effective way of changing habit is through practice. Human beings, like all mammals, learn by imitating the behavior of others. And it’s at school that we develop the majority of habits that will accompany us for the rest of our lives.
Tons of Education offers you the opportunity to personalize composters and urban gardens with your brand. To convey the messages you want to communicate through different technologies – and to take them to all the schools in the world who sign up to the project.
It’s a unique opportunity for a company looking to reinforce its reputation, its social value and its commitment to the environment, through a transversal so- lution that can bring together several of your departments.
People who want to transform their organic waste into fertilizer for their plants need a user-friendly, practical, hygienic and aesthetic system. We have that system.
But it goes much further than composting. We’re talking about a project that’s both environmental and educational - aimed at the 2 million schools that exist in the world - and a vehicle of social co-responsibility.
We’re offering you an efficient, profitable means of taking your brand closer to people, while at the same time bringing about a better world.
“ The COP21 UN climate change conference in Paris flagged up the responsibility of the different actors involved, on a stage where global companies will have a greater role and capacity for environmental action than national governments.”
Now is the right time to prepare for compliance with strict regulations – and to benefit from tax incentives for doing so. Ultimately, the world is dependent on its climate, and on its children. And that’s why we have to act now.

Solution and Impact

BCN-BOX: much more than a composter
The BCN-BOX is made up of modular systems, and manufactured with materi- als that are 100% recycled and recyclable. It can be used for compost and/or as an urban garden, based on recycling organic waste that is converted into 100% ecological fertilizer – used as nutrients for the vegetables we eat.
Each unit converts on average 0.6 tons of organic material a year, with the positive ecological footprint that implies in terms of gas emissions and other environmental, economic and social parameters.
And the good thing is that transforming waste in this way requires zero energy, and zero maintenance.
But it’s much more than that.
It’s a product that can also house geolocation systems, environmental sensors and measuring systems set according to the parameters you define.
Each school can be transformed into a small eco-station capable of measuring its environmental impact, which can then be shared with others. Thus creating a community of people united behind a global cause.
Education is humanity’s hope. Teaching children to look after resources and use them in a sustainable way is the best way of starting to change the world. If not the only way.
We want to approach schools with the aim of teaching children and teenagers co-responsibility in converting waste into nutrients. Students gain awareness of the importance of recycling, directly observing how the BCN-BOX works, and seeing for themselves how the compost is then used in the school vegetable garden.
What do we provide for schools?
• The BCN-BOX – a hybrid composter and vegetable garden.
• Educational activities based on the Tons of education (including math, natural science, social science, languages, the circular economy).
• An educational kit for project leaders.
• Tutorials for fun learning.
• Replies to questions via email on the composting process and its application.
Using the BCN-BOX is simple, and effective.
Schools worldwide can request their Kit for Schools via an online platform that provides:
• Confirmation of their participation in a truly global project.
• Advice on how to take part in the project, which your company can define. • Information on horticulture and how to use the resources at local level.
• A configurator with the shapes and sizes of the BCN-BOX than can be
selected for each school.
• Related educational activities.
• Virality levels of activities in social networks.
• Technical support to respond to questions from teachers and pupils.

Future Developments

Your company is a leader in its field. And it’s that rare combination of business excellence, and concern for social issues.
With the Tons of Education project you’ll be taking an important step towards the goal of improving people’s lives. And you’ll be doing it in two vital areas: the environment, and education.
We believe that setting up a network of inter-connected schools that share relevant information – both environmental and educational – is of interest to you.
We’ve developed the project so that you can get involved as little or as much as you want. Your can put your own mark on it. And make the final content your own. You can personalize all the products and the content for schools, and optimize the return in terms of the environment, education, communication and social responsibility.
It’s a simple action that aims to change the world a little. To generate one of those “clicks” that bring about change in human behavior. And to demonstrate that thousands of small, simultaneous actions can have a huge repercussion on a global level.
We all have access to increasing amounts of information on a daily basis, including on brands and what they do. And we compare them more and more according to their values, and the world they promote. Your company has a social conscience and you know that the future inevitably lies close to your stakeholders.
It’s a project that is transversal, useful and effective. And totally scalable.
We can start with a country, a continent, or – and why not? – the whole world.
More than anything else, we believe in co-creation. And that building the project together with your employees is the key to success.
Positive impacts you’ll help to bring about:
• Reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases - let’s keep carbon in the ground.
• Encouraging biodiversity in the school’s vegetable garden and its surroundings.
• The production, at no cost, of thousands of tons of organic fertilizer, thus avoiding the use – and impact - of chemical fertilizers
• Savings of between 25% and 50% in irrigation water where the compost is used.
• Reduction in the impact of residue management. Thousands of tons of organic waste will no longer have to be collected, transported or treated.

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