Edtech World Tour

Project Representative
Ms Svenia Busson & Ms Audrey Jarre
Creation Date: 2014
Headquarters: London, Paris, Berlin
Geographical Reach: Global
Nature and number of beneficiaries: Everyone interested in Education

Edtech World Tour

About the Project

The Edtech World Tour is a five-month research project in six countries on Edtech adoption around the globe. Our aim is to take into account how different elements of the system interact through dialogue with industry leaders, startups, policy makers, educators and students. We examine learning technology across a differentiated world that can grow to meet the various geographical  learning needs of tomorrow and produce open-source resources for Edtech aspiring entrepreneurs and public entities.  Above all, we’re interested in learning what sort of Edtech ecosystem is being built by thinkers and what values it reflects. 

Context and Issue

Less than three percent of the global educational market is digitized, while the figure reached 30 percent in the content industry. Education is a large industry with annual spending figures in the trillions of dollars, yet its delivery remains largely traditional in nature. More recently, many edtech companies have emerged to enrich the teaching and learning experience through hardware and software solutions. The business of edtech is booming - but what does disruptive innovation change, and for the benefit of whom?

A standardization of curricula across regions and greater broadband penetration make 2015 a pivotal moment for edtech development and investments. Market sizes and investments levels are expected to grow significantly in the coming years, making this an exciting time to be operating and investing in the edtech space. However, edtech doesn't have equal opportunity of adoption around the world, including lack of broadband internet penetration and government education budget cutbacks.

Many edtech products have been developed without input or support from teachers and students: the gap between the realms of education and technology can be bridged if we learn a bit more about both components.

Solution and Impact

Sharing edtech best practices and success stories in order to scale innovation is our solution to give more visibility to what is being done in Education Technology worldwide.

We want to give education innovators of our world voice, share their philosophy, ideas, findings, innovations, achievements with a broader audience. We wish to make sense of the hyped “edtech” acronym and bring stakeholders who have a different understanding of edtech together by raising awareness of the different challenges of a fundamental sector.

Our value proposition is to act as your eyes in a collaborative five month journey touring edtech clusters and nests around the world and by researching pressing subjects that matter to you as an educator, investor or entrepreneur, whether you are setting up your own venture, investing in one or reaping the fruits of it as a teacher or student.

We will create an index that will be open-source and community driven. Everyone will be able to contribute and propose new initiatives, influence, or propose edtech clusters as long as they correspond to our core value of expanding the impact of education technologies for learning outcomes. The geographical scale won’t be limited to our itinerary - as it will be crowd sourced it should help us to maximize and refine our coverage.
This index will encompass two components:

-The initiatives index
All along our trip you will be able to nominate relevant initiatives by any type of stakeholders (innovative classrooms, teachers, tools, start-ups, public initiatives) worldwide
-The influencers index
This component will encompass recognized influencers who have ideas capable to disrupt the way we think education.  

Future Developments

We hope to launch the second edition of the Edtech World Tour next year with motivated Edtech enthusiasts who would like to discover other Edtech clusters.

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