17zuoye (aka Homework Together)

Project Representative
Mr. Xiao Dun
Creation Date: 2011
Headquarters: Beijing, China
Geographical Reach: China
Nature and number of beneficiaries: 30.3 million registered students; 200,000 active teachers; 13.75 million registered parents

17zuoye (aka Homework Together)

About the Project

Using homework as a breakthrough point, 17zuoye provides a platform that connects teachers, students, and parents, each playing a key role in the education system. 17zuoye offers a product that focus on K-12 English, math, and Chinese. It’s based on the latest curriculum implemented by China's National Ministry of Education. 17zuoye is now China’s largest K-12 online learning platform, which covers 100,000 schools all over China, especially in economically better-developed cities.
As an online platform for learning, 17zuoye has:

  • a large user base
  • high-frequency activities
  • long active time
  • high organic retention rate
  • real-name community of teachers, students and parents
  • massive data of learning behaviors

17zuoye also provides significant value for teachers, students, and parents in the following aspects:

  • interactive: open materials for teachers, encouraging students, and communicating with parents
  • immediate: individualized reviews and reports
  • interesting: gamified homework makes learning fun
  • individualized learning: students do their homework assigned by teachers. Through data collection and analysis, data-driven personalized study plan is recommended to students.
  • intimate: real classmates SNS motivating interactions during studies
On the platform teachers assign homework with only one click, correct homework efficiently, check learning analytics at any time, and gain abundant teaching resources easily. Students can easily complete the homework, gain the personalized learning guidance with quality self-learning products. Parents can check their children's learning report in real-time, access professional family education guidance, and customized scientific, personalized learning projections.

Based on big data, 17zuoye provides a set of intelligent and efficient online and offline homework solutions. It applies intelligent education technology and products to more teaching and learning areas, driving schools, families and even the community to work on education collectively with data.

Context and Issue

17zuoye uses the most up-to-date technology to build a complete education eco-system.

For teachers who are  assigning homework 17zuoye functions in the following ways.
- Online classes on 17zuoye makes assigning and checking homework easy.
- Question grouping: 5.28 million latest exam questions from top schools
- Generate homework reports, text results and regional learning white paper
- Evaluation: compare students performance among different schools, generate analytic reports
- Internet tools for in-class learning, collect study results, customize homework

17zuoye assists students in doing homework.
- Oral English grading: evaluate students’ oral English skills
- Textbook consistency: topics are correlated to textbooks; accurate feedback
- Interesting learning experience: interesting and effective ways of learning with online learning games

Allows parents to check grades. They can listen to their children reading English anytime and anywhere and communicate with teachers online to understand the student learning progress.

Solution and Impact

To ensure the quality and functioning of the platform, it builds a high entry barrier by having adopted a model with policy support. It applies research, practice and exploration of intelligent sensing technology to reduce burdens of homework on K-12 students. It also has a specific research platform for the twelfth national five-year plan.

17zuoye has over 30 million student users. In 2016, the parents APP was launched and attracted more than 14 million users. It has high user engagement, with an average of nine million in 2017. Ninety percent of student users from 2015 and 2016 are still actively using 17zuoye.

17zuoye has a strong promotion capability with more than 400 on-the-ground staff continuously communicating and serving teachers. It provides differentiated contents for different schools based on different versions of regional textbooks. It strives to use big data and intelligent algorithms to provide individualized contents with accumulating data regarding student learning behaviors. 17zuoye has an experienced team and expertise in both the Internet industry, education and management.

Future Developments

17zuoye has accumulated massive education data resources. Delivering different homework and exercises to a variety of students is a big step forward for personalized learning. In the future, it will be more closely linked to the offline teaching system and continue to introduce more global quality teaching resources, increase data mining, and strive to achieve large data-driven personalized learning, making education data better serve teachers, society and government and improving the learning experience for students and their families.

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