Mr. Daniel Dotse

Position: CEO, Teach for Ghana
Country: Ghana

Before he ventured into the pharmaceutical world, Daniel studied biomedical engineering at Cornell University with a keen interest in nanotechnology. Daniel’s Cornell education was made possible by the Lester B. Knight Scholarship for bright low-income students with a keen interest in engineering and business. The impact of the scholarship went beyond the financial freedom to pursue his passions, and Daniel was compelled and motivated to explore ways he could positively impact others in the way that the scholarship opportunity opened up doors for him. This led him to help establish a 30,000-book capacity library in his home country, Ghana. Daniel started primary school in the Northern part of Ghana, where access to quality education is a luxury. He recalls his third-grade class experience, where 80 students crammed in one classroom with no chairs, exercise books, or teaching aids. Worse, the class teacher rarely showed up. This story is emblematic of the harsh realities of many impoverished communities in Ghana. This is the fundamental driving force for Teach For Ghana. With Teach For Ghana, Daniel hopes to help build a country where every child, irrespective of their socio-economic background has access to an excellent education.