WISE Learners' Voice

Mr. Costas Georgiades

Position: Master's Student in Globalisation and Law, Maastricht University
Country: Netherlands, Cyprus
Costas Georgiades was born in South Africa to a Cypriot father and a Taiwanese mother. His parents moved to Cyprus where he was raised. Costas completed his high school education and served his two-year obligatory military service in the Air Force in Cyprus. After completing his service, he moved to the Netherlands where he obtained his degree in European Law. Costas is currently a master’s student in globalization and law. From the age of sixteen, and after being awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, Costas developed a passion in bringing young people together from the two divided communities of Cyprus through grass-root initiatives. He was selected as one of the Youth Peace Ambassadors of the Council of Europe where he became a board member its network, focusing on human rights education, peace building and advocacy. Costas has also represented Cyprus in numerous international conferences on education and youth empowerment and employment. He currently serves as a program coordinator for the Young Ambassadors Program of the Initiatives for Change Foundation. The refugee crisis triggered Costas to take action. On an academic level he carried out research on refugee family reunification in Europe. He recently volunteered with an NGO on the Geek island of Lesbos to provide aid and support for refugees.