WISE Book: Innovation in Education

Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers around the World 

The first WISE publication titled Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers around the World was officially launched January 25, 2012 in London, UK. 

Written by innovation specialist Charles Leadbeater, this groundbreaking publication was produced at the invitation of WISE, in order to highlight and spread the lessons of innovative educational initiatives around the world. 

The book is the result of collaboration between Charles Leadbeater and creative photographer Romain Staros Staropoli and their visits to sixteen education initiatives across the world. It blends expert analysis with creative photography, forming a unique and accessible international reference guide for innovation in education. 

In documenting stories from around the world, the WISE Book makes a vital contribution to understanding the ways in which innovations happen, and how they can be taken to scale. 

The book marks a major achievement and furthers the WISE objective of championing innovation in education around the world. Those present at the launch reflected on the strategic, timely nature of the publication. One of the panelists, Ms Carolyn Acker, Founder, Pathways to Education, encapsulated the wider sentiment: ‘This book is incredibly important because it is a way to share with the whole world the most important innovations that are happening. How do we learn about what is happening around the world if we do not have WISE? This book educates us and shares best practices. We are very grateful to WISE and we need to get this book into everyone’s hands: it is a very valuable resource.

The 2011 WISE Book can be purchased on www.amazon.com and Bloomsbury UK.