WISE is a unique annual global event whose ambition is to create a new international multi-disciplinary platform to shape education models of the 21st century. Each year opinion leaders and decision makers from around the world come together with education experts to share their visions and actions through open and insightful discussions.

2015 WISE Summit: Replay Sessions 2017 WISE Summit
"Co-Exist, Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together"
2015 WISE Summit: Replay Sessions 2015 WISE Summit
"Investing for Impact: Quality Education for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth"
thumb_wise_2014_summit.png 2014 WISE Summit
"Imagine-Create-Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education"
2013 WISE Summit
"Reinventing Education For Life"              
2012 WISE Summit:
"Collaborating For Change"                       
2011 WISE Summit
"Changing Societies, Changing Education"
2010 WISE Summit
"Building The Future Of Education"           
2009 WISE Summit
"Global Education Working Together For
Sustainable Achievements"