WISE@NY – Learning Revolutions: Creating Educational Environments for Empowerment and Inclusion

WISE@NY – Learning Revolutions: Creating Educational Environments for Empowerment and Inclusion

September 22, 2018

A convening of education game-changers at WISE@ NY

WISE@ NY gathered practitioners, thought-leaders and creative architects who are empowering learners for future challenges, designing new learning environments to foster inclusion, innovating inside and outside the classroom. These game-changers are shaping the Learning Revolution or rather Learning Revolutions for current and future generations to reach their full potential.

Personalized journeys, participatory sessions

WISE@ NY is more than just an education conference. Designed to democratize the conversation, the various sessions are meant to offer participants an array of opportunities to voice their opinions, share solutions and to build new connections. All day long, participants can choose from a variety of formats to design their own revolution or to become part of the revolutions featured in the program. They can engage and experiment in an action-oriented atmosphere.

Diversity of formats

  • Panels to reflect on challenges and opportunities with experts, and the way forward.
  • Chats to dig deep and discuss education trends.
  • WISE Talks to seek inspiration and turn ideas into action through bite-sized talks, themed "Innovation Station", "Roads to Revolution" and "Allies of Empowerment".
  • Sparkshow to discover education innovators pitch their ideas in a game-style debate.
  • Workshops to immerse in hands-on interactive learning experiences.
  • Labs to learn through VR and citizenship-based activities.
  • Forum Theatre to transform into an actor in the future of education.




Panel 1- Enhancing lifelong learning in cities
With 54% of the world population currently living in urban areas, cities are on the front lines of all social, environmental and economic issues facing our world. Learners need to acquire new core skills to become engaged residents and creative problem-solvers. How can we create conducive environments for lifelong learning?

Panel 2- STEM for all: Tackling biases, expanding opportunities
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is not just for geniuses. STEM education fuels creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. So as we race towards an automated future, the STEM talent pool must be enriched to ensure no one is left behind. How can STEM education be revolutionized to broaden participation?

Panel 3- Instilling new skills for the fourth Industrial Revolution
Tech-fluency, collaborative problem solving and critical thinking are some of the new core skills needed to creatively tackle unforeseen challenges. How can we rethink everyday lessons to inculcate skills of the future?

Panel 4- Funding for Impact
Education resources are rarely allocated towards the most efficient initiatives. How can we improve allocation of resources to maximize impact? What are the best strategies to identify impactful projects and evaluate their outcomes?


Education Leadership: Moving from Research to Action
School leaders are key agents in leading change, improving learning outcomes and creating efficient learning environments. How can we create conditions and policies for successful school leadership? How can we equip and empower those who are eager to lead learning revolutions?

Trusting Numbers: How Reliable is Data for Education?
Intuitively, we would think that the more data we have, the more reliable will be the decision-making process. What if they don’t tell the whole story? What are the advantages and limitations of the use of data in education?

WISE Talks

Innovation Station
Searching for your next ‘ah-ha’ moment? Find inspiration in the stories of those who have managed to flip an education challenge into an opportunity and achieved positive change. Our speakers are here to transform your best ideas into action.

Road to Revolution
In the spirit of collaboration and peer learning, engage in this fast-paced talk series from thought leaders who have flipped an education challenge into an opportunity, triggering a larger education revolution. As speakers reflect on their journey of change, the series inspired participants to embark on their own revolution journeys.

Allies of Empowerment
Find inspiration in the stories of those who are challenging the status quo and empowering communities around them. In this talk series, change makers dug deep to share their stories of empowerment for other “Allies” to join their movement.

C2 Session

Envisioning the Future of Schools
Where can collaboration take us? To the Future! Channel your inner student and take part in the interactive C2 Lab. Participants had a guided discussion about envisioning the future of schools through a series of puzzles and riddles. Share your ideas on the “Insight Wall” and thread your solutions with the findings of others!

WISE@ NY is organized as part of the Global Goals Week

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“I asked myself, if I could walk long distances to cut wood from trees in remote and far-away places, then why couldn’t I walk to school? It was time to cut down the roots of wrong mindsets. Today, I am in school and I want to study further. I will carve a different future for myself. I have places to go and things to do, and getting an education is the only way to do that.”
12-year old Pinti had never been to school. She had the responsibility of taking care of her 5 siblings and shared the load of all the household chores. Her mother always told her that education for girls was futile and learning to take care of a family would better serve her in the future. An @educategirlsngo community volunteer encouraged Pinti and her family to change this mindset. In September 2017, Pinti entered a school for the first time. Her new perspective speaks for itself.
Educate Girls, a non-profit that won the #WISEAwards in 2014, aims to create gender equality in India through ensuring equal access to quality education. Working in partnership with the government, and with the help of 12,000+ community volunteers, Educate Girls is going door-to-door across villages in #Rajasthan and #MadhyaPradesh in India to ensure that no girl is left behind!
#educategirls #genderequality #qualityeducation Do you believe that data is powering current approaches to #education? 📈
Amber Oliver of @robinhoodnyc was at #WISENY last month! In case you missed the forum, here are some of her thoughts on what she believes an ideal learning environment is! #linkinbio
#WISE #TheBigApple #learningenvironment #robinhoodbenefit #teaching #learning #educationforall #equalaccess #wisequotes #data #bigdata “I want to say from all my heart that these students are amazing. They make me feel like I have many children. I’m very happy to work with them.”
Muna originally trained as an Architect at Damascus University, Syria where she subsequently managed an engineering and construction centre and taught Arabic in a middle school. She is now a @wearechatterbox trained refugee language tutor, using her existing language skills and experience to gain stimulating employment, teaching Arabic online and in person in the UK.
If allowed, refugees can bring rich cultural value to their host countries and economies. Find out more about how Chatterbox, a #WISEAwards winner and one of the 15 companies shortlisted for@laudatosi18, which is doing exactly this in the UK. #linkinbio
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