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WISE Learners' Voice FAQ

WISE Learners' Voice FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and Application Process

Who can apply for the Learners' Voice Program? 

Anyone aged 21-30 who is able to strongly demonstrate their engagement in the field of education and their work on social issues, and is able to fully commit to all components of the program, both onsite and online.

Should I submit a nomination or application form? 

Both forms have the same weight. Please do not nominate yourself. Only one form per candidate should be submitted; the application form provides you with a better opportunity to demonstrate how you meet our criteria.

Can I answer the application in a separate document and send it to the Learners' Voice email?

No. We only accept application and nomination forms that are submitted through our online system. 

Do I have access to different parts of the application form? Can I save and edit my form before submitting?

The form is made up of 5 different sections. The online platform prompts you to fill in all mandatory (*) fields before allowing you to go to the next section. Once you click save and next, you are able to re-visit the different parts of your application as many times as you want before you reach section 5, where you would submit it. Once you click submit, the submission is final and cannot be edited. 

Can I submit my application form throughout the final day of the call for applications?

No. Our online system will close at 13:00 GMT on the last day of the call. This time does not change so please be aware of it and do not leave your submission until the last minute as it can cause our system to crash. 

Who should my referees be? What should they write about in the support letter?

Your referees should be two individuals who know you in a professional capacity, such as your employers or professors. They should be able, in line with our criteria, to strongly and explicitly support the information you provided in your application form, especially your academic, professional and personal accomplishments in the field of education.

What does WISE cover? 

For program-related travel WISE will organize and cover the following:
  • Flights (return)
  • In-country accommodation
WISE will also cover your travel logistics in other program-related events, where relevant. All other incidentals will be at your own expense.

Can WISE reimburse me? 


Does WISE provide per-diems? 


Does WISE organize my visa? 

No. WISE will provide all the necessary supporting documents but you will be tasked with organizing your visa appointment, travel to the relevant consulate and acquiring your visa in person.

Can I submit my research project proposal here? 


Can you support my individual research/project proposal?

No. For now, we develop projects as part of the program only.

Can I submit additional documents?

No. If additional documents are required; we will ask on a case by case basis.

Is this a funding opportunity? 


Do I need to be in a project team before I apply? 

No, we only select individual applicants for the program. Project teams will be formed during the first residential session.

Selection Process

How are candidates evaluated?  

Each candidate will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Competencies and Accomplishments
  • Interests and Engagement
  • Dedication and Promise

How many candidates apply for the program and how many are selected?

We receive approximately 1000 submissions for the program. WISE will select up to 20 outstanding candidates after thorough evaluation.

When are applicants notifies of the decision?  

Shortlisted candidates will be notified and interviewed by the team in June and July. The final list of selected candidates will be announced on the WISE website in September.

If I am not selected, can I apply again?

Yes, as long as you continue to meet the age criteria. This is a competitive program; do not get discouraged if you are not selected – take it as an opportunity to strengthen your accomplishments and re-apply the following year. Many Learners have applied more than once.

Can you give me feedbacks on my application or tell me why I wasn't selected? 

No, unfortunately we cannot provide personalized comments or feedback on unsuccessful applications due to the large number we receive.


Can I keep my full-time job and take part in the program? 

Yes, the program is designed as a supplement to your existing commitments. The two major time commitments are the residential sessions. Beyond that, the monthly group work is conducted online and each group tailors its own strategy in line with the deadlines set.

What are the dates of the two residential sessions? 

The dates for the two in person residential sessions are 3-18 March and 18 June-1 July 2018. WISE reserves the right to amend these dates at any time. In such a case, we will post an update on the website and notify all candidates.

Besides attending the residential session, what will be expected of me as a Learner? 

In addition to your full participation in the residential sessions, you will be required to work in groups to develop a project proposal through the submission of monthly work, test the proposed project (conduct a pilot) and engage in a selection of online webinars and courses.

Do I get a certificate, degree or credits for successfully completing the program?

At this time there is no formal accreditation for the program. Participants who successfully complete the program are awarded an opportunity to pitch their project idea and receive a certificate of completion from WISE.