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As a global reference for new approaches in education, WISE is committed to creating and facilitating access to knowledge and information. The WISE Research series, launched as part of this mission, presents timely, comprehensive reviews of key issues in education. These publications, produced in collaboration with recognized experts and thinkers, will include examples of improved practice from around the world, as well as recommendations for policy-makers and educators -and for societies.

We hope that the WISE Research series will contribute strongly to the global conversation about education's most pressing issues. Each edition will be available for free download on the present page and a limited number of hard copies will be distributed at the annual Summit in Doha.

The first two editions have been published. Both address the theme of creativity and bring complementary perspectives and insights toward defining creativity, analyzing its functions, and harnessing it to stimulate more engaged learning and problem-solving.

WISE Research #01 - Learning to Make a Difference: School as a Creative Community, by Charles Leadbeater

Education systems are failing to meet the needs of too many learners today because it ill equips them for the challenges of an uncertain, turbulent world in which they will have to find solutions to challenges with other people. Drawing on some of the most innovative organizations in the world, including Pixar and Barcelona FC, the author builds a case for schools as a place where children go to explore, create, make and learn together in a creative community with a cause. School should be the place where learners can discover their passions and purpose --and inspire their active and collaborative, problem-solving learning.

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Charles Leadbeater is a Nesta fellow and Chair of the Nominet Trust and the mobile education programmes Apps for Good. He has worked around the world on innovation and creativity in both the private and public sectors. He is the author of several international bestselling works and of the first WISE Book Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers around the World.

WISE Research #02 - Explorations of Creativity: a Review for Educators and Policy Making by Helen Abadzi, Marialuisa Martelli and Silvia Primativo.

Creativity is the driving force of human evolution. In our early 21st century the demand for creative thinkers is particularly high. Interest in creativity has generated countless studies, books, and articles. Which popular beliefs about creativity are valid? In this comprehensive and accessible review, multiple strands of research are woven together revealing intriguing mechanisms and linkages in the creative process. The work dramatizes the powerful implications of creativity for learning, and suggests how we may benefit from these insights at any age.

Download the paper in English Download the summary in French
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Dr. Helen Abadzi, a psychologist, has spent 27 years as a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank. She has drawn on cognitive psychology and neuroscience to improve the outcomes of educational investments. Prof. Marialuisa Martelli is a researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Rome La Sapienza and Silvia Primativo is a doctoral student at the same university.