WISE 14: Delegates Share Their Takeaways

WISE 14: Delegates Share Their Takeaways

WISE 14: Delegates Share Their Takeaways

WISE 14: Delegates Share Their Takeaways

WISE Summit delegates and speakers from around the world share their experiences and insights following the last WISE Summit that convened in Doha, Qatar in November 2014. 

Global Educators Met In Qatar To Make Schools Everywhere More Progressive

Author and Journalist,

"WISE "has quickly expanded into the premier global platform and innovation hub". The conference, he says, "was another key step in expanding the conversation over how to renew our often stagnant education systems."

The 2014 WISE Conference: Building Education Innovation Hubs

Mr. Gabriel Sanchez Zinny, 
President and Founder at Kuepa.com. Huffington Post blogger,


"My suggestion for WISE 2015 would be a focus on cultural education in its broadest sense, including intercultural dialogue and understanding, but discussing how all education institutions and systems, developed and developing, can place far greater emphasis on arts and cultural learning."

Can the wisdom of a WISE crowd avoid artless creativity?

Mr. Joe Hallgarten
Director of Education, The RSA Action and Research Centre


Mute your phone, but stay connected' - this has already become a best practice for conferences. Will it become the new standard for the classroom too?


Prof. Jiao Jianli
Deputy Dean, School of Information Technology in Education, South China Normal University,


"عرف مؤتمر القمة العالمي للابتكار في التعليم تطورا ملحوظا هذه السنة على مستوى التنظيم الذي كان على مستوى الحدث"

"This year, WISE lived up to expectations of the participants with its impressive organisation"

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Mr. Lahoucine Oubari,  Co-Founder of New-Educ Blog, Morrocco

"La créativité n’est pas seulement au coeur des apprentissages mais est aussi la condition de l’enseignement"

"Creativity is not only at the center of learning, it’s also a condition to teaching"

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WISE 2014 : “Riche”, ambivalent et stimulant
WISE 2014 : où on parle de géopolitique, d'économie...(et de pédagogie)
WISE 2014: Questions sur la créativité

Mr. Philippe WATRELOT,
Professeur de Sciences Economiques et Sociales, Président du CRAP - Cahiers Pédagogiques,

"WISE se ha convertido en “el” espacio de referencia internacional donde descubrir las experiencias y los protagonistas que están escribiendo el desarrollo de la educación en el mundo

“WISE has evolved into the global platform where we can connect with the main initiatives and players that are building the future of education”

#WISE14 y las 5 tendencias sobre el futuro de la educación en el mundo

Mr. Alfredo Hernando Calvo
Founder of Escuela21, Education Consultant, Blogger, 



Innovation in mobile learning does not have to be high-tech. It can be low-tech and high-touch. Human touch combined with the potentials of technology produce miracles in education.

手机也能进课堂:手机程序在教学环境下的应用  (in Chinese)
Mobile Learning Evolves from Initiative to Ecosystem (in English)

Mr. Berlin Fang
Education Columnist,  


"Why does a four-year-old ask more than a hundred questions everyday? Where do these questions go when children get more education? Meaningful play is far more important than exam scores."

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> 教育创新,还是教育公平

Prof. Yang Dongping,
President, 21st Century Education Research Institute,


"La experiencia que he vivido en WISE 2014 supone una inyección de entusiasmo y una recarga en mi ánimo por seguir colaborando por construir una educación que dé repuesta a las necesidades de nuestros tiempos."

"My experience in WISE 2014 has boosted my enthusiasm and will to continue to collaborate in the building of an education system capable of adapting to our world’s needs"

La creatividad en el alma de la educación. Mi experiencia en WISE 2014

Mr. Salvador Rodriguez Ojaos 
Educator, Editor of Teaching Materials at Vicens Vives, Blogger,

"Le sommet WISE : Un moment passionnant qu’il faut vivre au moins une fois comme une immersion totale dans le monde de l’éducation et de la pédagogie"

"The WISE Summit is a fascinating moment, one should experience at least once as a complete immersion into the world of education and pedagogy"

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3 questions à  Stavros N. Yiannouka, CEO WISE
WISE 2014 : les 10 points clé
Pourquoi créer un hub d’enseignement supérieur ? L’exemple du Qatar

Jean-François Fiorina, 
Directeur Adjoint Grenoble Ecole de Management,


We want our kids to get MORE education, but are they receiving the RIGHT education? If the success or happiness of a person depends more on non-cognitive skills such as perseverance, creativity, optimism and self-control, how do we teach these skills? Is our education system ready? How well prepared are our educators?


Mr. Andrew Yu
Founder, Aiju Social Innovation, 

"WISE représente une excellente opportunité de rencontrer une myriade d’acteurs du monde de l’éducation"

"The WISE Summit is a great opportunity to meet a myriad of education stakeholders

WISE 2014 : le sommet mondial sur l’éducation

Ms Laurène Castor, 
Blogger Education, CoFounder & Creative Officer at New World University,


"لا يكفي اليوم أن تكون صاحب معرفة و شهادة جامعية أو أن تمتلك شهادات بدراسات عليا كي تكون قادرًا على العمل و أن تكون صاحب مسمى وظيفي ضخم و لكن الشرط الوحيد  و المهم لكي تتميز و تعمل بأحد الشركات الكبرى مثل جوجل و تويتر هو أن تكون قادرًا على حل المشكلات أي " الابتكار " فالأمر متعلق بشكل أساسي بخلق الابتكار ."

Today, it is no longer enough to have a high degree in order to find a good job, the main condition has become to be able to solve problems creatively as creativity becomes the main ingredient for success.

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Zedni Website,
Zedni Education Network, Jordan


The WISE Majlis is an open space where everybody creates and engages in learning - sometimes without even realizing it.


Ms. Lu Mo
Editor, JMDedu, 


"Creativity and innovation should part of the learning process. And while there are no quick fixes, we all need to ensure kids have those opportunities to learn, reflect, grow and follow their passions, through learning."

Overcoming the Barriers to Creativity and Innoavtion

Mr. Steven Anderson,

Speaker, Education Consultant,